A Proven Track Record for Investors

A specialist Australian CRE debt investment manager, MaxCap has earned a reputation for providing conservatively-managed, risk-averse investment opportunities for both institutional and private investor clients. These quality financial products target specific market niches and have maintained a pristine track record, with every loan achieving its full target return.

Our founding partners have a proud history of pioneering financial products. They have all been highly successful across varied business environments and conditions. In 2004, the directors established a $200 million warehouse facility with Westpac Bank that was heralded as a breakthrough in commercial lending.

More recently, the directors established multiple ground-breaking Institutional Funds for second mortgage and structured finance lending. MaxCap acts as the exclusive investment manager of these industry funds and continues to deliver exceptional investment outcomes.

MaxCap is also a recognised asset manager for private syndicated second mortgage funding. We have an extensive network of loyal private investors, including successful business executives and high-net-worth families.

To achieve investment objectives and full target returns to our investor client base, we are highly focussed on managing risks. We only seek deals that meet the following strict tests:

Test 1 – sound borrower. Borrower must demonstrate a proven track record and be highly credentialled with sound financial standing.

Test 2 – strong security. All assets are in excellent locations with product on par or better than market expectations and priced accordingly.

Test 3 – appropriate gearing. Gearing ratios do not exceed limits with necessary cash equity and interest cover maintained at all times.

Test 4 – defined exit. Borrowers must clearly demonstrate an established exit to repay the debt in full within the loan term.