As a market leader in second mortgage lending, MaxCap has a proud tradition of pioneering debt solutions. Most recently, in the post-Global Financial Crisis environment, we have engaged institutional investors to participate in funding investments and developments with the major banks.

Widely regarded as one of the largest providers of structured finance in Australia, MaxCap has funded numerous marquee projects across the country.

Structured finance includes second mortgage lending (mezzanine finance) and preferred equity for either investment or construction purposes. These products appeal to clients seeking extra leverage beyond traditional bank gearing, delivering an increased return on equity.

MaxCap is the exclusive investment manager of a number of institutional funds, gaining recognition in the finance sector for managing quality transactions and representing seasoned real estate investors and developers.

MaxCap also manages a large volume of privately syndicated funds, settling investments for many of the country’s most prolific real estate investors, high net worth families and individuals.

Funding is available across all real estate sectors, capital cities and strategic regional growth corridors.